School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Faculties and Their Experties

Name Email Expertise
CHOTCHAI CHAROENNGAM chot[at] Project Planning; Scheduling and Controls; Construction Productivity Improvement; Public Private Partnership Project; Project Financing
BONAVENTURA H W HADIKUSUMO kusumo[at] Construction Information Technology; Construction Project Management; Construction Site Safety, Virtual Reality application in construction; Web-based project design and management; System Dynamic Simulation in Construction; Construction site safety
DJOEN SAN SANTOSO djoensan[at] Infrastructure management in developing countries; construction project management; public transportation; non-motorized transportation; risk management
NOPPADOL PHIEN-WEJ  noppadol[at] Tunneling and underground excavations in rocks and soils; Slope stability and retaining structures; Landslides; Earth structures and dams; Pile foundations; Buried pipes and culverts
KUO-CHIEH CHAO geoffchao[at] Expansive and collapsible soils evaluation; soil improvement; seepage and groundwater modeling; landslide investigation; settlement and consolidation analyses; retaining wall investigation; foundation design and construction for residential and commercial buildings; pavement design and distress evaluation; cover design for wastes, design of tailings impoundment; heap leach pad; and waste rock disposal sites.
PHAM HUY GIAO  hgiao[at] Exploration and Engineering Geophysics; Petrophysics; Computer-aided Analysis in Geoengineering; Site investigation; Groundwater and land subsidence analysis
GREGORY L.F. CHIU  chiu[at] Developing and implementing risk assessment and management processes to quantify structural repair and maintenance costs
WORSAK KANOK-NUKULCHAI  worsak[at] Computational Mechanics; Finite Element Methods; Tall Building Static and Seismic Analysis; Bridge Engineering; Microcomputer Software for Structural Engineering; Genetic Algorithms; Nonlinear Analysis of Structures and Continua; Plate/Shell Structures; Engineering Education; Nano mechanics
PENNUNG WARNITCHAI  pennung[at] Structural Dynamics; Earthquake Engineering (seismic hazard assessment, earthquake resistant design of structures); Wind Engineering (wind effects on structures, aero elasticity, wind tunnel model tests); Bridge Engineering; Control of Structural Vibration
PUNCHET THAMMARAK  punchet[at] Computer Methods of Structural Analysis; Finite Element Methods in Engineering (Finite Element Methods; Dynamic Problem & Wave Propagation Analysis; Absorbing Boundary Conditions; Material Nonlinearities; Soil-Structure Interactions; Precast Concrete Structures
KUNNAWEE KANITPONG  kanitpon[at] Road Traffic Safety; Accident Data Analysis; Highway Materials and Construction; Pavement Design and Analysis; and Pavement Management System
SURACHET PRAVINVONGVUTH  spravinvongvuth[at] Traffic Simulation; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Travel Demand Forecasting; Discrete Choice Modeling; Transportation Infrastructure Investment
JAYANT K ROUTRAY Regional and Rural Development Planning, Rural-Urban Relations, Regional Planning Methods and Techniques, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Climate Change Induced Adaptation, and GIS Applications
INDRAJIT PAL  indrajit.pal[at] Disaster Risk Reduction; Incident command system; and Governance and Participatory disaster risk management
PENNUNG WARNITCHAI  pennung[at] Earthquake Engineering
NITIN KUMAR TRIPATHI  nitinkt[at] Remote Sensing and GIS for Disaster Mitigation
MASAHIKO NAGAI  NAGAIm[at] Remote Sensing and GIS for Disaster Mitigation
MUKAND S BABEL  msbabel[at] Drought Forecasting and Management
NOPPADOL PHIEN-WEJ  noppadol[at] Geological Hazards
AJIT P ANNACHHATRE Health and Ecological Risk Management
CHETTIYAPPAN VISVANATHAN Environmental Hazards Mitigation
OLEG V SHIPIN EIA & Disaster Management
MOKBUL MORSHED AHMAD NGO Management; Community and Rural Development
VILAS NITIVATTANANON Disaster Management in Urban Infrastructure Planning
MUKAND S BABEL  msbabel[at] Hydrologic and water resources modeling as applied to integrated water resources management; Watershed modeling and management; Water resources allocation and management; Water resources and socioeconomic development; Water supply system and management; Climate change impact and adaptation; Groundwater resources management; and Flood and drought analysis, forecasting and management
SANGAM SHRESTHA  sangam[at] Climate change and adaptation; integrated water resources Management; Hydrology and water quality modeling; Groundwater development and management, Sustainable water management policy
DUC HOANG NGUYEN River & Estuarine Hydrodynamics and Engineering; Wetland and & Coastal Zone Management; Meteo-Hydrological Monitoring and Management; Mathematical Modelling; Flood and Drought Risk Management; Climate Change
SANYOGITA ANDRIYAS  s-andriyas[at] Irrigation Water Management; Application of Intelligent Systems approaches in Water Resources Management problems; Erosion Studies; Climate Change in Agriculture; Applications of GIS and remote sensing to water resource problems
PHAN MINH DUNG  dung[at] Computer and Network Security; Autonomous Computing; Logic Programming; Artificial Intelligence
SUMANTA GUHA guha[at] Algorithms; Computer Graphics; Computational Geometry; Robotics
KANCHANA KANCHANASUT  kk[at] Networking and Distributed Computing; Algorithms; Programming Languages.
VATCHARAPORN ESICHAIKUL  vatchara[at] Electronic Commerce/Electronic Business; Web-based Information Systems, Hypermedia; Electronic Government
MATTHEW N. DAILEY  mdailey[at] Machine Vision & Learning; Robotics; Software Engineering; Open-source Software Development
TEERAPAT SANGUANKOTCHAKORN teerapat[at] Data Communications; Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks; Multimedia Communications and Systems; Network Quality of Service
ATTAPHONGSE TAPARUGSSANAGORN  attaphongset[at] Smart energy grids; optimal energy scheduling; smart grid communications using cognitive radio based; spectrum sensing for cognitive radio systems; MIMO-OFDMA cooperative relay systems; cognitive radio based wide coverage rural broadband on TV white spaces; Resource allocation for MIMO-OFDMA Systems; Digital image processing
NITIN KUMAR TRIPATHI  nitinkt[at] GIS; Remote Sensing: RFID and Vehicle Tracking; Indoor Positioning Systems; Environment, Disaster; Agriculture; Health; Applications
SARAWUT NINSAWAT  sarawutn[at] WebGIS; OGC Web Services & Specifications; SensorWeb; LBS; Mobile GIS Application
MASAHIKO NAGAI NAGAIm[at] Spatial Information Engineering: Remote Sensing, GIS, Image Processing, GPS and Mobile Mapping and Environmental Information Science: Data Interoperability, Ontology, Standardization and Database Management
SHINICHI NAKAMURA  nakamura[at] Spatial Information Engineering: Remote Sensing, GIS, Image Processing, GPS and Mobile Mapping and Environmental Information Science: Data Interoperability, Ontology, Standardization and Database Management
HIROYUKI MIYAZAKI Geospatial science and technology; Applications of geospatial and space technology for sustainable development
SALVATORE G.P. VIRDIS virdis[at] Applied Geological Sciences and Remote Sensing: Geo-Information and Earth Observation Science; remote/proximal sensing techniques; advanced geospatial modelling looking at natural and non-natural processes from the field- to the landscape-scale and on a variety of timescales, ranging from seasonal to decadal processes; dynamics of physical landscapes: without neglecting the social and human dimension of geographical problems
MANUKID PARNICHKUN manukid[at] Robotics control, and measurement (involves with design and development of hardware and software of mechatronics devices); New robot mechanism, novel control algorithm, and innovative measurement concept are investigated
HARSHA ABEYKOON  harsha[at] Mobile robotics; bilateral control; motion control; active vibration suppression and haptics
MONGKOL EKPANYAPONG  mongkol[at] Embedded Systems; Computer Architecture, VLSI design (Low power design); Physical VLSI design; High Performance Computing; GPGPU; DSP
SONG WEON KEUN bauman98[at] Nonlinear dynamic analysis and nonlinear control for mechanical systems and space vehicles, specially the orbit control of satellites
G. LOUIS HORNYAK hornyak[at] Carbon nanotubes; porous alumina anodic membranes; super hydrophobic surfaces; electrochemistry and electromagnetic simulation
VORATAS KACHITVICHYANUKUL voratas[at] Simulation; ERP; Scheduling, Metaheuristics; Parallel Computing Planning and Scheduling Systems; [Enterprise Resource Planning Systems; Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis; Discrete Event Simulation Software Development; Manufacturing System Simulation; Manufacturing Decision Support Systems; Just-in-Time Manufacturing Systems
ERIK L J BOHEZ bohez[at] Computer Aided Design; Computer Aided Manufacturing; Computer Graphics; Computer Numerical Control; Five Axis Machining; Robust Control; Simulation of Metal Removal; [CNC/CAD/CAM ; Mold and Die Design, Eco-Design, Biomechanics, Industrial Packaging]
HUYNH TRUNG LUONG  luong[at] Emergency inventory policies and inventory policies for perishable products; Supply chain design; Measures of bullwhip effect in supply chains; Availability-based and reliability-based maintenance; Fuzzy quality control charts; Statistical design of experiments; Network flows related problems
PISUT KOOMSAP pisut[at] Sensing and Control for Manufacturing Processes and Systems; Laser Applications in Manufacturing; Rapid Prototyping; Condition-Based Maintenance; Continuous Improvement