The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), an autonomous international institute of higher learning, has been helping meet the region’s growing needs for advanced learning in engineering, science, technology and management, research and capacity building over the last five decades. As a trendsetter of quality education in Asia through its innovative academic offerings at the graduate level and research undertakings, AIT continues to fulfill its mission, which is to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy. AIT intends to create a niche for itself by building rapidly on its existing strengths and research infrastructure. Benefitting from the strong support of governments, non-governmental organizations, alumni networks, and research and developmental partners, AIT is now in a very good position to achieve its goals.

Equipped with half-a-century long research and academic experience in various fields, AIT pursues excellence in research intended for developing sustainable solutions to address real-life challenges. In order to consolidate AIT’s leadership and experience in the region, bring more focus into sustainable development, develop new partnerships and bring together interdisciplinary teams that form a critical mass of scientists who can jointly work on the new challenges faced. The eight themes have also been identified in which AIT has had extensive experience in Southeast Asia. The themes are based on AIT’s historical contribution to development of Southeast Asia.

The overarching eight themes contributing to core strengths of AIT are:

  1. Food
  2. Environment
  3. Energy
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Industry
  6. Water
  7. Development
  8. ICT

AIT’s hope is to continue the work of its visionary forefathers for the benefit of Asia and the World. The Institute will continually strive to further extend its role as a multicultural meeting point where partners and stakeholders, from the public, private and informal sector, from Asia and beyond, whatever their nationality, gender, religion or status, will continue to develop meaningful and productive ties of friendship and goodwill and act together for the good of the people and communities. To this effect, AIT aims to remain a key focal point for teaching, learning, research and outreach that contributes to the development of Asia and beyond.